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Station doors, Venezuela

Caracas Cable Tren with station doors from Vorarlberg 


Commissioned by the Firm Doppelmayr Cable Car (DCC), an automatic station door, with special consideration of the demands of cable liners, was newly developed by edel-stahl Büchele and a prototype was built.  Following a successful test phase, edel-stahl Büchele automatic sliding door units were installed in all stations of the “Caracas Cable Tren Bolivariano” (Caracas, Venezuela), where they have been in operation since August 2013.


Staircase handrail/doors, Vorarlberg Museum

A special flair with patinated brass


A successful cooperation between architects, cabinet makers and edel-stahl Büchele is apparent in the patinated brass cladding of the staircase handrail and exhibition room doors of the Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz.