Every piece has its own personality, a perfectly formed individuality.


Being different is many-sided. The premium manufacturer edel-stahl Büchele is different. Every countertop, every sink, every detail is produced according to the dimensions and wishes of the customer.



Breaking out of the mould allows individuality to fully develop.


The custom made countertops from edel-stahl Büchele benefit from this philosophy. Whether clear sharp-edged, soft with bending radii, elegant with a chamfer or quite uniquely hot-rolled, these countertops transform every kitchen into a striking focal point. All edel-stahl Büchele countertops can be freely designed and integrated individually in all forms and details, cutouts and drill holes.



Multi-faceted function and timeless beauty shaped into one.


A single or ingenious double sink, as desired, with an integrated draining surface form a functional unit with the countertop.  Side and rear panels are seamlessly incorporated, with a further facet emerging through specialized processing, in which almost all surfaces of any length can be executed free of butt-joints. This allows the countertop in its entirety to appear as it were cast from one mold.



To lend expression to one’s own personality


The style and atmosphere of the kitchen, a reflection of one’s own personality, is largely determined by the choice of kitchen fronts. In the factory, the fronts are precisely and carefully finished in brushed or hot-rolled stainless steel, in brass or in patinated brass, in copper or in patinated copper, in any desired design or size.



With the correct choice of edge details to a harmonious overall impression in the kitchen.


Whether crisp and modern through sharp edges, classic and timeless though soft edge transitions, optically elegant with the chamfer edge detail or trendy and smart thanks to a hot-rolled optic, edel-stahl Büchele produces edge details for every taste.