With love of detail: Handcrafted special solutions from our stainless steel factory


Daniel Libeskind

The perfect light fixture should suggest light itself.


Daniel Libeskind is the designer of the eL Masterpiece. One of the lighting options created is based on an algorithm developed by his son, Dr. Noam Libeskind, an astrophysicist at the Leibnitz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam. This algorithm demonstrates the history of light in the universe, from the Big Bang through to the present and into the future. The commission from Zumtobel Lighting was based on their trust in the competence of edel-stahl Büchele, from the construction to the building of the prototype up to the technical implementation and production.



A furniture classic that combines good design with storage space.


The handcrafted sideboard made from patinated brass is not only practical, but can also influence the style of living through its sleek and simple design. The clear lacquered tombac fronts provide both a color contrast as well as a harmonious play with the surface design possibilities of brass.


Wash basin 

An eye-catcher in sophisticated architectural interiors


edel-stahl Büchele wash basins are produced from hot-rolled stainless steel and differentiate themselves from brushed stainless steel through the characteristic surface structure. The advantages lie in the non-sensitive nature of the material and the ease of cleaning. The roll structures in the material and the matt optic of the bowl harmonize excellently with other materials, for example, wood or stone.